Mueller Austin Downtown Development Offers Sustainable Living

by | Jun 7, 2012 | Real Estate

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One of the chief benefits of the mixed-use Mueller development in the heart of Austin is its emphasis on green design and sustainable living. Eco-friendly technology throughout Mueller development optimizes efficiency and benefits the global environment. Some of the key features that are significant aspects of the development plan include the following:

  • Materials used in designing and building new homes are all non-toxic and recycled. The general design for all new homes emphasizes an efficient and responsible use of raw materials, as well.
  • Community design is functional and geared towards convenience, including plans to keep shopping, entertainment, employment, and other facets of modern life within walking distance
  • About 20% of the Mueller development’s 700 acres have been allocated for parks and open spaces. Wherever possible, the landscape is kept intact, and any structures for play are designed from material that has been recycled.
  • Transit that includes much shorter distances to work, bicycle paths, and mass transit are key features that were part of the initial Mueller development plan, effectively reducing the environmental footprint of thousands of individuals driving 45 minutes to an hour to and from work every day.
  • Mueller is actually a converted airport making use of existing materials, including old runways that are being recycled for use in the community infrastructure for roads, housings, playscapes, and other structures.

Mueller Austin is not only popular among a diverse number of residents because of its sustainability and commitment to green resources, but also because the Mueller development was designed to promote an optimized community lifestyle. There is a plethora of ways for residents to be involved in community life through a variety of clubs, appealing to people with diverse interests and needs, but also a continuing presence of all that is necessary to meet any lifestyle all in one community. This includes chosen retailers, banks, businesses and entertainment that are all easily accessible, which also has an influence on the ecological footprint that residents make upon the global environment.

Houses in the Mueller developmentare available in a variety of styles and prices in order to meet individual needs. Mueller Austin hopes to be a true multicultural, environment-friendly urban alternative, paving the way for the 21st century. Its official vision for development is to “create a district that would be a model for responsible urban development – an alternative to land-consumptive and automobile-dependent development patterns throughout the region that could influence the form and pattern of growth within Austin.” Mueller developmentseeks to achieve this not only through emphasizing sustainability, but also community economic and fiscal responsibility, as well.