Executive Residence Options in Las Vegas Nevada

by | May 25, 2015 | Real Estate

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Las Vegas is home to numerous national and international conventions. Businesses meet in the city throughout the year for job fairs, corporate meetings, and holiday vacations. As such, the city caters to a large number of men and women looking for second homes. While staying in a hotel is always an option, more and more professionals are purchasing studio apartments or condominiums to reside in while taking care of business in or around the city. This is an excellent way to enjoy the comforts of your own home, relax and never have to worry about a checkout time, while meeting corporate obligations on the strip or at one of the various convention centers.

Convenience and Luxury Combine

When considering condos on the Las Vegas strip, you should always weigh the benefits. You will be a short driving distance from McCarren International Airport which has on-site hangar space for private jets as well as helipads. Rental vehicles are easy to find, as is long-term secured parking for your personal vehicle. You may choose to rent a small sedan or travel in style in a limousine, regardless of your choice there are numerous rental options near the airport. Formal clothing is abundant for both men and women, with custom tailors available at a growing number of locations. If annual corporate events will be taking place, you can always consider stocking your condo’s closet so you always have a fine selection of outfits to wear when you are in town.

Visit for the Week or Stay Year Round

The benefit to purchasing a residence in the city means you never need to plan months in advance for hotel space. Should the need or desire arise, you can simply show up at your new residence and know the door will always unlock for you. If you became aware of a hot new concert or attraction in the city, but know every hotel in a 20 mile radius must be booked, you’re covered! There is never a reason to make hotel reservations, hoping there’s an opening, providing delicate payment information over the phone, or hearing the bad news of nothing available during the time you wanted to visit. Common necessities such as grocery shopping is quite literally walking distance from your home, with numerous additional options a short drive away. When looking for condos on the Las Vegas strip, finding home sweet home or at least a temporary residence might actually be easier than you thought.