Outside-the-Box Thoughts for Picking the Best Rental Property Management

by | May 27, 2015 | Real Estate

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Landlords seem to universally agree on one thing. A bad tenant can make being a landlord miserable, and a great tenant can make it a complete breeze. Though it is not said as often, many would also agree that a great property management company can be a wonderful asset, and a bad one can be a serious obstacle and detriment.

Rental Property management can be fun to find and explore. The below outside-the-box tips make current landlords think in intriguing ways about how to select the best property management in the city. Property management provides innumerable benefits that have been discussed many times in the past. But, there are a few more rarely talked about.

The Non-Compete Company

A number of management companies have their own properties, which is perfectly fine. For many, this could present a potential conflict of interest. For example, what if the landlords property opens up? The management company now has to fill it in. What happens if they have an opening at the same time with one of their properties? It could cause a potential issue for the company may put someone in their own property first.

Others see it differently. They argue that property management companies that own their own property are investor-aware. They know through personal and current experience how valuable a great tenant can be. Where one lies in this argument is purely subjective, but it is a discussion rarely had in real estate.

Inspections: When and How

A Rental Property management company may hesitate to enter the property periodically or bring it up with clients. When it comes to real estate and its condition, landlords need to be on top of its condition. The property company should be willing to schedule inspections despite what kind of image it portrays or how invasive it could be. Of course, a good relationship with the tenant is amazing. But, it does not come at the cost of knowing what is going on with the property. A willingness to see the inside of the property and to put the landlord first are two necessary traits for modern property management.

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