Experience University of Nebraska Life in an Off-Campus Apartment

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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You’ve been dreaming about college for months. The time has come to pack up the car as you set sail on the sea of your next adventure. You’ve chosen your destination. You know what your major will be to help you launch your career. You have been given a few choices for living arrangements. Most choose to set up in a small dorm room for four years. Others will hunt through the area to find an apartment that is privately owned. If you don’t want the headaches of finding an apartment and you don’t like living in a cramped space, try UNI off-campus housing instead.

UNI off-campus housing offers you an apartment life that is tailored to fit a college student’s needs. You don’t have to search for a roommate. You’ll be paired with someone with similar interests unless you’d really prefer to go it alone. As an added advantage, your place will come with all the utilities, furniture, and a laundry unit. UNI off-campus housing also offers you privacy. You can go to your own room any time you want to be on your own, or you have to focus on your work. Head outside to the climbing wall when you want to get some exercise. You can sit around the fire pit at night to kick back. The fitness center is another option for an active lifestyle that can help you to minimize stress—experience college and freedom at the same time with UNI off-campus housing. Explore your options when you go to 8N Lofts at 8nlofts.com.