Ideas to Consider When You’re Decorating Your Bowling Green Apartment

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Student Housing Center

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You’ve moved into your own apartment as a student. However, you might not know how to decorate to make it your own. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Go Vintage

This is an idea to consider if you like prints or bold colors. Most of the time, you can get vintage furniture without spending a lot of money at thrift stores so that you have a beautiful home after moving into one of the student apartments in Bowling Green. Consider vintage furniture and decorations as well if you happen to move into an apartment that’s a bit older or that has a cozy feeling already.

Light the Room

When you move into one of the student apartments in Bowling Green, think about the lighting. The right fixtures and placement can help create just the right atmosphere that you want and can also help hide imperfections. Fairy lights are an option to consider and aren’t expensive, which could be beneficial for your budget. Consider stringing them on your windows or mirrors or even along the edges of end tables for a subtle glow.

Neat and Tidy

If you don’t want to decorate too much or if you’re unable to add a lot of decorations due to restraints set forth by the apartment manager, consider getting a few plants to put on tables to brighten your home. You could also get a few wall stickers that can peel off. A plush rug or a decorative mirror can add a little personality to almost any room of your home as well.

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