How the Pandemic Spurred Some Students to Find Apartments in Minneapolis

by | May 16, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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The chaotic situation that developed in college student housing when the pandemic was declared resulted in large numbers of men and women having to quickly move out. Many decided not to return to a residential hall once in-person learning began again. Instead, they looked for student apartments in Minneapolis near campus so that they would never deal with that situation ever again.

Avoiding Another Residential Disruption

These students might originally have planned to continue living on campus for at least another year or even longer. However, the significant abrupt disruption changed their minds. Living close-by maintains the continuity of the university experience with no trouble getting to classrooms, the library and other campus locations.

Another advantage of student apartments in Minneapolis somewhat related to the March 2020 move-out is not having to leave the residence during certain school breaks. Most residence halls close during Christmas break, and students must move out when the school year ends. Some who live in an apartment sublet their room for the summer, but others stay and work full-time in the city.

Enjoying More Space and Privacy

Some students also became wary of living in such close quarters with so many other people. Two students typically share a room of less than 250 sq. ft., and dozens of people live in those same-sized rooms on one floor. They also share a common bathroom. Apartment life provides significantly more privacy, with each student usually having his or her own bedroom.

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