Three Things You Need Before Moving Off Campus in Mount Pleasant, MI

by | May 16, 2022 | Student Accommodation Centre

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Are you tired of dorm life? From less noise to more privacy, student apartments in Mount Pleasant, MI have many advantages over campus dormitories. However, making the move off-campus requires a little planning. Here are three things you need to have before moving from your dorm room to an off-campus apartment.

Permission From Your University

Depending on your university’s policies, you may need permission to move off-campus, especially if you’re an underclassman. Some schools require freshman and sophomores to live in the dormitories, while others disallow off-campus living for any students under a certain age unless they are married or have children.

A Budget Plan

Living off-campus comes with a lot of different expenses to manage each month. You will need to budget for your rent, utilities, food, clothing, and entertainment expenses. If you have roommates, it’s important to establish a plan for sharing expenses and a calendar for paying bills.

Someone to Cosign Your Lease

Not every student needs a cosigner for their off-campus apartment, but many do. Student apartments in Mount Pleasant, MI usually require students with no credit history to have a parent or other family member with a good credit score guarantee their lease.

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