How to Find a Great Apartment for Rent in Malden, MA

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Real Estate

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Finding a place to live is probably one of the most important temporary decisions you can make. Although renting is temporary, you’ll usually find yourself living in any given place for at least a year or two. If you’re not comfortable, you’ll probably have a very hard time getting out of your contract.

In most cases, getting out of your contract will require you to pay a hefty fee, or in some cases, the entire amount of rent that’s due for the remainder of the contract.

What’s the best way to navigate this important search work? Are there things you should prepare before you rent?


The last thing you want is to find the perfect apartment for rent in Malden, MA, but not be able to afford to put down the security deposit. A security deposit is insurance for the landlord. It’s there to help them cover costs of irresponsible renters who cause damage to a property and then leave without ever settling up.

While it seems unfair to have to pay for the mistakes of others, you will get your deposit back when you leave, provided that you haven’t caused damage to the property yourself.

What Can You Afford?

Be honest about what you can actually afford to pay, accounting for the need to save up money. While you’re living in your apartment, you’re going to have unexpected expenses, and there may be months when utilities are higher than normal.

Be prepared for these things by making a budget that allows you some extra room.


Many apartments in the area have fantastic amenities that can make living there very enjoyable. Living in an apartment can mean that you have less room than you might want for all of the activities you enjoy.

Do you spend time in the gym? How much does your gym membership cost? If you find an apartment that has a gym, take a look at it to determine if it is a suitable replacement for the one you are going to currently. You might find that you could even save money by moving into an apartment for rent in Malden, MA if it has services for which you’d normally need to pay extra.

In these cases, you might want to ask how often these amenities are available, or at what times you can use them.

Take Pictures

Once you’ve signed the contract, it would be wise to take pictures, or even video of the property before you start to move furniture in. Although uncommon, there are cases where building owners make mistakes in tracking the condition of their properties. If you move in and notice issues like stains on the carpet, holes in the wall, or chips in the paint, take pictures and immediately report it to your landlord.

This will protect you in case they try to retain your deposit when you leave, mistaking you for being responsible for this damage.