Tips for Finding Condos for Sale in New York City

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Real Estate

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New York City, New York is one of the most desirable places to live in the world. The culture, the entertainment, the shopping and the career opportunities are seemingly boundless in this beautiful city.

Unfortunately, this can also make finding condos for sale in New York City a less than pleasant experience.

Trying to find a property for sale in any state or city across this country is difficult enough. But in the “Big Apple,” properties – especially condos – are snapped up more quickly than anywhere else. Wondering how you can get into the real estate market and find the perfect condo for yourself? It all starts with finding the right real estate agent.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

Trying to fond condos for sale in New York City without the knowledge and experience of a NYC real estate agent is like trying to find a pebble in the dark: it is nearly impossible. A real estate agent who works in New York City brings a host of benefits to you:

1. Real estate agents have access to condos and other properties before they have been advertised for others to see

2. The agent will know which prices you may be able to negotiate for a property

3. The agent will give you tips on how you can make yourself more appealing to a seller so that you have a better chance of beating the stiff competition for your dream property

When selecting an agent, make sure that they are extremely familiar with the properties available throughout the city, have experience, and that they listen to you. Your agent should understand your wants and needs before they begin taking you to condo viewings.

See the Property

As anxious as a buyer may be to quickly seal the deal on a gorgeous luxury condo in NYC, they should always go and view the property before committing to purchase. All too many buyers have trusted the images and blueprints of their desired property online and have made offers on that alone. Unfortunately, they are often left disappointed in what they have purchased. Before you submit an offer, view the property with your real estate agent so that you get a feel for the condo and the property.

Have Your Finances in Order

There is no sense trying to find condos for sale in New York City if you do not have the finances or the loan approvals lined up to purchase a property. Well before you begin your search, you should have a “good” credit score (a better credit score means a better loan deal), pay off your debts and have a budget in place.

Buyers should also remember that there will be closing costs when they purchase a property. For example, if you take on a $500,000 mortgage, you may pay $10,000 or more in closing costs in New York City.