Property Management Software and Work Orders

by | Apr 10, 2012 | Real Estate

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Some managers are so used to their own methods of managing properties that they do not fully understand how using property management software can make their jobs more efficient, expedient and profitable. If you purchase the right property management software and learn how to maximize its benefits, it can add tremendous value to your business and your bottom-line.

One of the primary benefits of having excellent property management software is the ability to not only manage tenants and reconcile all your accounting needs, but also to pay vendors and create work orders. Some of the better versions of property management software have many applications that make them extremely user-friendly, giving you the ability to create work orders with ease.

When considering property management software, it is important to you to consider whether the software can provide a list of accounts, locations or vendors to choose from for ease of access and implementation. This kind of functionality separates superior products from more generic brands. The ability to email your work order directly from your entry screen is another option to consider.

A basic work order form in the best property management software products includes all the functionality you need to successfully email vendors and get things moving. There should be adequate space to describe the job that you want done, as well as a space for the contact address and e-mail of the tenant that is making the request. A form should also be included on the screen with basic information such as quantity of materials you are requesting, stock number (if applicable), description, unit price and total. A complete transaction can take place in minutes from your computer screen at your desk, or on your laptop at home or wherever you may be.

Using this kind of functionality as a property manager increases job efficiency and enables you to keep better track of what kind of work is being done and where, which can be included in your database history. The ability to use software like this also not only saves you time and effort, but provides the opportunity for you to expand your business. Efficiency can equal profitability in more ways than one, so purchasing the right type of property management software and using it correctly can pay for itself many times over in a relatively short period of time.