Sell Your Home Quickly

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When you need to sell home quickly Minnesota, we are the right choice. With us, you do not have to spend all sorts of money making repairs to your house. You will not have to stage your home for prospective buyers. We make it fast and simple to sell your home.

It does not matter to us how big or small your house is. We purchase old and new houses. It does not matter whether your home is made of stucco, wood, brick or aluminum siding. We will buy it no matter what. We understand that your home may need some repairs, and that is not a concern. We buy houses that are in need of a new roof, foundation repairs or other fixes.

The process of selling your house to us is as convenient as possible. You contact us and make an appointment time. We come out at the time of your choosing and check out the house and property. We do a little bit of research in order to learn more about the property value and whether or not there are any liens on the house or property. We then make you a cash offer.

We provide you with some time to consider our offer. If you choose to accept our offer, the transaction will be complete within about two weeks. We put cash in your pocket and relieve you from the burden of having to find a real estate agent, prepare your house, wait for buyers to make an offer and deal with inspections, appraisals and bank managers.

When you want to sell home quickly Minnesota, we are ready to help. You may call us at Minnesota Home Guys any time. You may also read customer testimonials or learn more about us on our website.