Why You’ll Love A New Upper West Side Condo

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Real Estate

Top Of The List



If you are looking for a new place to live and want to stay or move to NYC, you’ll most likely find yourself in a large building with a lot of other residents. NYC is so compact and so many people want to live there, meaning you probably won’t find any single-family homes. Instead, you may want an Upper West Side condo, which gives you the comforts of a home without having to live in the suburbs.


You should be expected to pay a little more for your new home, even though it is part of a larger building. New York is such that many people flock there, so it means fewer places available in which to live. Therefore, when you’re lucky enough to find condos of luxury, you’ll have a higher price tag. However, you get all the amenities and benefits of living there, as well. Therefore, the value for what you pay is still incredible.

Proximity To Fun

While a single-family home may seem like the better choice, you will have to drive into town, which is no small feat in NYC. With a new Upper West Side condo, you’ll be close enough to all the action, including shops, cultural events, and much more. You may never have to drive again, though you’re welcome to have a vehicle.


Most people miss the sense of community they feel in a condominium or apartment building. You’ve always got people to chat with, especially when going up and down the elevator. Plus, many condominium residents schedule parties for the residents as a get-to-know-you situation, so you’ve always got plans even when yours fall through.


In no other situation would you be able to get such luxurious amenities as you would in a new Upper West Side condo. They were designed with you in mind, meaning you’ll get everything you need to be comfortable and healthy. For more information visit 221 West 77.