A Different Kind of Community Outside of Military Life

Fort Benning is one of Georgia’s top employers and one of the sources of economic growth in the community. Considering that a lot of civilians are employed inside the fort, it follows that they prefer to live close by so as to save in the costs of transportation. Some of the military servicemen also have a choice whether to use their BAH or basic allowance for housing to live outside the fort in the civilian communities surrounding...

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Things to Think About When Purchasing a Home in San Jose California

Property values in San Jose have fluctuated somewhat over the past several years, but they have stabilized for the most part. Before the economic crash in 2008, the average home price in the area was $737,000. It lowered drastically for a short time, but has since rebounded to a healthy $561,000. California has received recognition for being the top state for relocations. The great economy, friendly atmosphere, balmy weather and good...

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24/7 professional property management in Lihue

Professional property management in Lihue means working with a company who knows the market and has the business tools necessary for property owners to feel 100 percent confident that their properties will yield a superior rate of return. The “people” side of the business: As an owner of investment properties, whether they be single or multi-family houses, condominiums, apartments, or townhouses, you need professional hands-on...

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