Getting Cold, Hard Cash for Houses in Portland Is Now Easier Than Ever

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Real Estate

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Local companies are offering cash for houses in Portland, taking unwanted properties off owners’ hands in record time. It’s called a cash house sale. Here’s a quick overview.

Cash House Sales: The Basics

A cash house sale is a private sale between a homeowner and a buyer. This direct sale is swift and straightforward. It also cuts the need to list the house in question, keeps a real estate agent, complete repairs, hosts open houses or pay a stack of closing costs and other fees.

Private buyers buy houses as-is and complete all the necessary paperwork, using a licensed, local title company to verify ownership and protect the seller’s interests.

Cash House Sale Turnaround

Cash house sales take mere days. The process has but a few steps. The seller contacts the buyer. The buyer determines whether the house for sale meets certain criteria. The seller offers cash for the house. Closing happens in as little as seven days or at the seller’s convenience.

How Cash Can One Expect

Cash house offers are typically fair and in keeping with prevailing market values. The buyer also takes other factors into consideration: the house’s age and condition, necessary repairs, location, and nearby amenities.

Since the criteria for the buying the house are lenient, homeowners can sell any house for any reason: estate liquidation, family death, looming foreclosure, divorce.

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