Quickly Clean Your WWU Student Housing in a Few Minutes With These Tips

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Apartment

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When living in an off-campus student apartment, you and your roommates are going to be responsible for keeping it clean. Of course, unexpected guests may cause a last-minute cleaning spree. Use the following tips to quickly clean your WWU student housing.

Do a Quick Walk-Through

Start by doing a quick walk-through of your student apartment. It is not uncommon to forget about an empty soda can or candy wrapper, but your walk-through is the time to discard them. You should also use your walk-through to put items back in their proper place. If you are living with roommates, ask them to help you with the walk-through to ensure you are finished on time.

Stash Last-Minute Clutter

A pile of mail, school supplies and blankets are not uncommon in student housing. However, you may want to stash this last-minute clutter before your guests arrive. Place the mail and school supplies in a desk or table drawer, and hide most of the blankets in your closet until later. You can leave a few blankets out to add a touch of coziness for your guests.

Clean The Common Areas

You can close off the bedrooms to your guests, but you want to clean the common areas before they arrive. A quick dusting and vacuuming is a good way to quickly clean your living room. In your kitchen, be sure to take care of the dishes and wipe down various surfaces. You can quickly clean the bathroom by closing the shower curtain, wiping down the vanity and replacing the towels.

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